– WHAT IS YOUR PRICING? The all important question, I fully understand why you are asking it and why you would like to know without having to ‘ask’ it …… but my prices aren’t listed for a few important reasons, each wedding is different, unique and I often create custom collections for couples. Some weddings require travel which is not included in the wedding collection price. For further information on my wedding collections or à la carte pricing please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to forward you all the info you need.

– WHERE ARE YOU BASED AND HOW FAR WILL YOU TRAVEL? I am based in central/west France in the Vienne department of the Poitou-Charentes and travel throughout this and it’s neighbouring departments. I am available for destination weddings and will travel internationally. Travel is billed very simply – if airfare, hotel and car hire is needed, you are only responsible for those direct charges.

– DO YOU SHOOT WITH A SECOND SHOOTER? At this stage I am the sole photographer shooting on each wedding day. I will sometimes bring an assistant to help with group posing, lighting, carrying gear etc… depending on the size of the wedding. If you have any concerns as to how I can capture you day on my own please feel free to contact me and I’d be more than happy to go over this with you and even provide galleries of weddings I have covered alone.

– HOW MANY PHOTOS DO YOU EDIT? All of them! every image in your gallery has been hand edited individually, in terms of numbers that is impossible to say, it all depends on the size of the wedding, how long I have been hired to shoot for and the collection you have chosen. There is obviously a selection process where any images that are not up to my very high standards are not archived, along with images that are out of focus ‘yes that does happen’ or where people may have blinked at the wrong moment.

– DO WE RECEIVE OUR IMAGES IN BLACK & WHITE AND COLOUR? If there are black & white images in your gallery they are only available in black & white. I use my expertise to decide which images will work best in colour and which images will work best in black & white, not ALL images work well in both formats.

– HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE BEFORE WE RECEIVE OUR PHOTOGRAPHS AND PRODUCTS? Your online gallery is available for viewing within 8 weeks of the wedding date. Digital files are available within 9 weeks. Upon final approval of album designs most albums are ready for delivery between 12 & 14 weeks (obviously this depends on how quickly you approuve your album design).

– DO WE GET TO KEEP THE DIGITAL FILES? Of course you do! Depending on how long I have been covering your wedding depends on how many digital files you receive, but the digital files you get are high resolution and can be printed again and again. I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competitions, my website and blog and so on. If you need, I can provide you with a written release that will allow you to make unlimited personal reproductions.

– DO WE ALSO RECEIVE THE UNEDITED FILES? No, unedited files are not available for viewing or purchase. The images selected for editing reflect my high standards and anything other than that are not archived. However don’t worry, I certainly wouldn’t ‘get rid’ of any image that is an important part of your wedding day. I’m basically talking about images that are duplicates, soft focus, unflattering the ones you wouldn’t want to see anyway.

– WHAT IS YOUR STYLE? Hopefully you’ve already got a good idea of my style by looking at my galleries. I go about photographing my weddings in a relaxed, unobtrusive way. I try to stay as much in the background as possible to provide a real story telling set of images. Capturing you and your guests naturally, I strive to make the photography part of your day as fun as possible.

– DO YOU TAKE POSED SHOTS? Yes, I do taked posed shots, but in keeping with my style I try to make them fun and as natural as possible.

– CAN WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A PHOTO LIST? Ok this is a sticky subject, I am certainly happy to accept a photo list if it’s a list of people who you would like to have your photo taken with, in fact I actively ask for a list of this kind as it helps me not to miss anyone out. As for a photo list that has been compiled from the likes of ‘pinterest’ or other photographers I am happy to take a look to see what has caught your eye BUT I will not agree to copy any particular image. I believe that if you have hired me it’s because you have looked at my work and have decided that you like my style and that I am the right photographer for you.

– CAN YOU HOLD A DATE FOR ME? Sadly I can not hold dates unless a retainer has been paid and a contract signed. Once those two things are done your date is saved!

– WHAT IS YOUR PAYMENT PLAN? I take staged payments before your wedding day, a retainer on booking, a second retainer midway between the booking date and your wedding date and final payment a week before the wedding.

– CAN WE PAY AFTER THE WEDDING? I do require the full payment of your chosen collection prior to your wedding date, however any overtime or up grades are billed after the event.

– IF I CANCEL IS MY RETAINER FEE REFUNDABLE? The retainer fee and all monies paid are non refundable. The retainer guarantees your date and once a contract has been signed I do turn down all other commissions for that date.

– WHAT HAPPENS IF OUR WEDDING IS RUNNING LATE? I can stay and continue your wedding coverage if you want me to, I have an overtime rate that goes into effect only with your permission and approval. Those hours are billed after the wedding.

– DO WE NEED TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A MEAL? Yes please, it doesn’t have to be the same sit down meal as you, and many venues offer a ‘vendor meal’ as an add on option. Me having food in my belly keeps me on form and makes sure I’m not going to faint on you. I prefer to eat at the same time as you and not afterwards, because when everyone is eating it doesn’t make for the best photos.

– CAN OUR GUESTS TAKE PHOTOS? Yes, all I ask is that as you are paying me to capture your day professionally, I get all the images I need first. That I am not pushed aside for uncles and aunts to take their photos and that when I am shooting all eyes are on me. I prefer that is just the two of you for the couples portraits, lets face it other people can be a distraction when we’re trying to be lovey dovey.



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